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Rassada Pier

Phuket’s Departure Point for the Islands


Phuket, in the south of Thailand, is the country’s largest island. Full of intriguing sights and things to do in its own right, it one of the most highly visited destinations in all of South East Asia. With a cultural center in Phuket Old Town, visitors to the island find a wealth of activities ranging from dining experiences, shopping, museums and more.

The town of Phuket also serves as a base for a number of other fabulous excursions, particularly if you have a hotel near Rassada pier. This is the main pier in Phuket and is sometimes referred to simply as Phuket Pier. If you are fortunate enough to be staying in a hotel near Rassada pier, you will find the trip from Rassada Pier to Phuket Town is a mere 10 or 11 minutes away by taxi or car.

This close proximity makes the Rassada Pier the main pier in Phuket and makes Phuket Pier the most popular destination point for both international visitors and for local Thai travelers as well. A great many fly direct from Bangkok to get to the main pier in Phuket and use Rassada Pier, going to places across the sea where dreams really begin.

From Rassada Pier Phuket you will be able to reach a number of beautiful islands. Everyone looking for a trip to the wonders of the islands in the Andaman Sea, of the western coast of Thailand, finds Rassada Pier at last to be the best spot to embark on a journey of amazing sights and experiences.


Rassada Pier


Taking a moment to book a stay in a hotel near Rassada Pier is well worth your while. Once you are ensconced in pleasant and comfortable accommodations at Rassada Pier Phuket, the whole family will thank you for it, since the distance from Rassada Pier to Phuket Town is so short. So will your sweetheart if you are traveling as a couple. As Rassada Pier to Phuket Town is such a very easy trip, this stay nearby the main pier in Phuket just might turn out to be one of the most romantic moments of your lives together.

Rassada Pier is situated on the shore of the large Rassada harbor on the southeast side of Phuket Island. It is just near the mouth of the Klong Tha Chin which flows out to the Andaman Sea snakes back across this part off the island below the part of it called Ko Sire.

Traveling back and forth from Rassada Pier Phuket can be a lot of fun. For example, one of the photogenic sights along the way to Phuket Pier is the Big Buddha Phuket. While it is a good 20 km from the pier it is well worth a side trip on the way to the main pier in Phuket.

Closer to home, the amazing Phuket Trickeye Museum on Phang Nga Road is a delight. And you must be sure not to miss a stroll down the Sunday Walking Street as the sun goes down, trying and tasting some amazing street food on your way back from Phuket Pier.


Rassada Pier to Phuket Town


Without a doubt, one of the important factors that helps to make Rassada Pier Phuket so popular among both international travelers and local Thai tourists has got to be its convenient location. The convenience of reaching it easily becomes a lot more significant if you are staying in a hotel near Rassada Pier.

With a distance of only around 4 kilometers from Rassada Pier to Phuket Town, you are looking at a mere 10 minutes’ trip by car. It would be an hours’ walk but there is little need with all the transportation available from Rassada Pier to Phuket Town and back. The concierge at your hotel near Rassada Pier will be able to direct to the fastest and best way to make a round trip.

It is a trip you may want to make more than once if you are staying in a hotel near Rassada Pier. It is from here, after all that you will be able to get transportation to the famous and beautiful islands that lie just off Phuket Island to the south, as well as those resting between Phuket and the Thai mainland, to the east.

The most well known of these marvelous islands include Phi Phi Island, Koh Lanta, and Koh Lipe, and there are also boats over to Krabi, Railey Beach and Ao Nang. The ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi Island is probably the most famous, offering the option of a day trip, and takes about two hours from the Phuket Pier.


Hotel near Rassada Pier


Of course the best thing is, between your hotel and Rassada Pier Phuket, there are numerous interesting places to explore and spend some valuable time at together. Guests who are staying at Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra will be especially delighted when they realize that the trip to Rassada Pier takes a total of only around 10 minutes by car. Of course the warm and attentive team at Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra will be more than happy to help you with arrangements such as private or taxi, whichever you prefer.

Once you have arrived at the pier, it is not at all difficult to purchase tickets for your next destination. You may wish to take a boat to a further island, or even beach, or take the ferry from the pier to Phi Phi Island, which is around two hours. The team at Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra will listen to your dreams and best provide you with the plans and directions you need in order to have an amazing time out from the Rassada Pier and the experience of a lifetime.

Of course once you return from your island visit and have thoroughly enjoyed the beauty and serenity to be discovered in the Andaman Sea you will return to the pier. The trip from Rassada Pier to Phuket Town is of course the same short distance, which is perfect if you are feeling a little tired about the sun and fun of the beautiful white sand beaches and hidden coves on some of the world’s most gorgeous islands.

The limestone hills and cliffs of the islands, with their scenic waterfalls trickling down into secret grottos, and the secluded beaches leading out to an endless turquoise horizon—all of these will form unforgettable memories that will make you want to return again and again to your hotel near Rassada Pier, Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra.

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