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Phuket City Night Life
31 October 2019

The Phuket City Night Life is distinct from the busy tourist scene. The fun in Phuket City never ends, even after sundown. Phuket City night life has a greater concentration of local flavor than anywhere else. For both residents and foreigners, several venues have emerged as favored gathering places for musical events, live performances, gigs, and more. Great nightclubs, a few rooftop bars, and local night markets that surpass guests’ expectations. 

Phuket City is constantly evolving over the years. With the high concentration of locals living there, the nightlife has changed. In particular, Phuket Old Town tends to have a more genuine local feel. This unique feature draws tourists to experience Phuket as it truly is and to mingle with friendly locals. Besides, many places offer family activities for guests traveling as a family.

Start with Mahanakorn, a beloved local tavern, and restaurant across from the Nimit traffic circle. This local tavern has long been a popular location for live performances by renowned Thai rock bands and pop singers. Here, guests can enjoy local appetizers, light snacks, and spicy Thai dishes that pair well with ice-cold beer, rum, whiskey, and cocktails. Travel a bit further to the Old Town, the spotlight of 




Phuket City night life.

Guests may encounter the Music Matter Jazz Club with a bit of exploring. This iconic music bar features all styles of live jazz in a relaxed atmosphere and a well-chosen traditional drinks menu. You can already sense the welcoming environment, even if this is your first time here.

 Additionally, The Library Phuket is a paradise for all kinds of cocktails, from the traditional to the experimental. You might be surprised that the lengthy menu of beverages is the only thing you are likely to read at this library. The live jazz, blues pubs, and other hot spots that cater to tourists and locals will attract visitors’ attention. Nightclubs, karaoke bars, and lounges are highly popular among tourists from abroad. 

One of the recommended activities for travelers looking for the best Phuket City nightlife experience is the Estrela Sky Lounge. The lounge is the first-ever rooftop bar in Phuket, by Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra. This sky bar helps guests write their nightlife stories on the 18th floor of the hotel. Furthermore, it offers stunning views and an authentic atmosphere of Phuket Old Town. With a diverse beverage menu, guests can enjoy their favorite drinks from skillful professional bartenders. With jazz music and a pleasant ambiance, this rooftop bar is the ideal destination to admire the nightlife of Phuket.

 Shopping for local items while you explore the Phuket City Nightlife

Treat yourself to Phuket’s famous snacks and go shopping at the local markets or nearby shopping malls. A night market unlike any other can be found nearby Phuket Town. It is locally referred to as Naka Market. Fruits, local souvenirs, and clothing are just a few available items. Local guides recommended arriving late afternoon to ensure you have time to look around before it gets crowded. At this market, visitors will find local street food and cafes around to eat like the locals. Phuket Walking Street is popular with tourists for its Portuguese style. Further inland in Phuket, Chillva Market is well-known among young adults for its fashion, food, and coffee shops.

 Junkyard Theatre Phuket

The Junkyard theatre is an entertainment venue that produces creative and unique performances. Creating an incomparable dinner cabaret that draws inspiration from Southeast Asia and western cultures. They have created a show with an eclectic collection of quirky musical numbers, decadently crafted sets, and dinner cabaret-style acts. Built on the principle of creatively reusing discarded objects, Junkyard created a dazzling visual feast for the eyes. Using upcycled to build everything from stage curtains stitched together from second-hand hotel room drapes. Or even more outlandish, theatrical sets and custom-made kinetic props brought together with the passion for creating unique and exhilarating acts.

Entertaining at The Simon Cabaret Show is pleasant.

The Simon Cabaret Show has captivated travelers to Phuket for more than 20 years with its performances. The show is well-known for the artistic acts of its stunning lady guys. It’s an hour-long fantastic show filled with color, creativity, and enjoyment. In themed performances of traditional dance and song, extravagant costumes, make-up, and sets. The show transports the audience to Egypt, Latin America, China, and finally, back to Thailand.




Exploring Phuket City Night Life with an excellent place to take a rest

While discovering the fun of Phuket City, guests require a comfortable bed for resting at night. At Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra, we offer a luxurious experience for travelers to relax and recharge themselves. With 180 rooms and suites with full accommodations and services, guests will only find satisfaction here. Plus, the elegant East-meets-West decor, accented by soft earth tones and hardwood floors, was created to brighten the visitors’ spirits. The hotel also provides wellness features for the ultimate relaxation. The features include a relaxing spa, a quality fitness center, and an indoor pool. 

 On top of that, the hotel provides extensive dining services to its guests. Visitors can begin their new day with the all-day dining restaurant Amor, which serves local and international cuisine. The restaurant’s menu features authentic Phuket, Hokkien, and Thai dishes with high-quality ingredients. Moreover, we offer private parking for the restaurant’s guests and provide convenient disabled access. An alternative option is Lua Bobby, the contemporary lobby lounge, a stylish venue for afternoon tea. This bar can be a place for casual business meetings or to catch up with friends over refreshments.

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