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Phuket City Night Life
31 October 2019

How did it get so late so soon?

Phuket City Night Life differs considerably from the nightlife at the coastal resorts on the western side of the island, where the beach atmosphere creates a loose and very international form of after-hours entertainment.

Within Phuket City itself, and especially in and around the Old Town, the nightlife tends to have a more local atmosphere, both because of the way in which it has evolved over the years and because of the large population of local residents.

This local aspect means the Phuket City Night Life attracts overseas visitors who are keen to enjoy an authentic Phuket experience, and to meet other visitors who have similar tastes.

There is also a great deal to attract families with young children, because these venues will also cater for local families, making Phuket City Night Life diverse enough for everyone.

International visitors will love the live jazz and blues bars, and the other cool venues that are aimed at both tourists and locals. There are nightclubs and karaoke bars and lounges that are very popular among overseas visitors. Families and groups can go ten-pin bowling at CS Bowl, in Big C Supercentre. And of course there is the local food, very original Phuket in style, prepared often from old family recipes.

For an intriguing glimpse into the local way of Phuket City Night Life, head for the old communities of Thai-Chinese people, who are known as Baba. One of the most picturesque is Soi Romanee, located in the heart of the Old Town. There are lots of historic Sino-Portuguese style shophouses, many of which have been converted into bars, cafés and restaurants. Young Phuket couples like to come here for the Phuket City Night Life and to take selfies against the old buildings.

Shop at Phuket Town Weekend Night Market

Known by the locals as Naka Market and sitting just a little way from Phuket Town is a night market like no other. There are all sorts of things to buy such as fruits, old curiosities, animals and clothes. A popular event with both the locals and tourists, it is best to arrive late afternoon to ensure you get a good look around before it becomes packed.
Make the most of the cheap local foods on sale like the golden buttered corn on the cob.

Simon Cabaret Show

For over two decades, the now very famous Simon Cabaret Show has wowed tourists to Phuket with the most beautiful of lady boys performing night after night. It’s a one-hour spectacular display of colour, originality and fun. Extravagant costumes, make-up and sets take the audience from Egypt to Latin America to China and back to Thailand in themed displays of classical dance and song.

Phuket City Nightlife

Bangla Road in Patong is the notorious heart of all Phuket nightlife, and the battle for night supremacy is raging between Beer Bars, Live Music, Night Clubs and of course, Go Go Bars! Over the years, the centre of interest has been moving up and down Bangla road depending on seasons and popularity but the ever changing face of Patong nightlife is definitely worth a look.
Of course, wherever you go in Bangla, friendly girls will call you with a big smile and encourage you to have a drink and play a few silly bar games because everyone is welcome.

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