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Host a memorable celebration at the value starting price of THB 999 NET per person
Two Night Stay at Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra
Complimentary Bottle of Sparkling Wine for on stage celebration
Complimentary Wedding Cake on stage (10 pounds in total with 15 pieces to be shared)


Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra is destined to become a premier choice for a wedding hotel Phuket-based as a result of its sleek and stylish design, comfortable guestrooms and suites, and personalised event services courtesy of a Phuket wedding planner. Moreover, its central location at the heart of the island’s rich historical quarter will also add a uniquely Thai touch to any grand celebration.

The island of Phuket is an ideal destination to host a memorable wedding celebration thanks to its verdant tropical surroundings and rich cultural heritage that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Over the years, the island’s popularity has led to the establishment of spectacular accommodations on both coasts. The resorts on the western coast—nicknamed ‘Sunset Coast’—are located around the various beautiful beaches and bays.


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Phuket as a Wedding destination


The eastern side of the island is home to abundant attractions like Phang Nga Bay, most famous for its limestone formations that extend out of the Andaman’s turquoise waters. At the heart of the island is Phuket Town—the island’s capital. Here, old and new collide as visitors will find all the home-away-from-home comforts, as well as the historic old town, complete with unique architecture that reflects its Sino-Portuguese heritage. The town is also a must-visit for foodies boasting everything from quaint cafés and retro-inspired restaurants to street vendors and funky bars.


The sheer abundance of natural beauty, unique attractions, Thailand wedding package prices and ease of accessibility make Phuket ideal for all types of celebrations. The international airport services both domestic and international flights, so your guests can travel to your wedding ceremony Phuket-based with comfort and ease. The island is also home to many resorts that boast spacious and well-equipped event spaces, and can cater to any style or size of wedding celebration Phuket-based.


At the heart of Phuket Town is Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra, one of the island’s leading wedding hotels because of its state-of-the-art facilities, spacious venues and modern guestrooms and suites. When planning a celebration at Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra, our Heartists and Phuket wedding planner are at your service. Our dedicated team have worked with guests from all over the world, and have the experience to cater towards any wedding style, from western to Indian and of course, our various Thailand wedding package prices.

A traditional Thai wedding involves many distinct customs, beginning with choosing an auspicious date to ensure a successful marriage and delivering the wedding invitations. The Buddhist ceremony itself always begins at 9:09 as Thai people consider the number nine to be a lucky number. Similarly, during the religious ceremonies that take place before the wedding itself, nine monks are invited to bless the couple. There is also a Buddhist ceremony that takes place the night before the wedding, where the couple will honour the bride’s ancestors and ask for a healthy union.


During the actual wedding ceremony Phuket-based, the day begins with the ‘Khan Maak Procession’ where the groom leads his family and friends to the bride’s home. During the walk, the group sings songs, play instruments and carry gifts. If the celebration is taking place at a wedding hotel Phuket-based, then the groom and his loved ones will often walk around the resort before they meet the bride. Once the groom has arrived, he is subject to ‘gates’ (often made from strings of gold) held by the bride’s family members and bridesmaids. The groom must then pay money, answer questions or perform tasks in order to ‘unlock’ each gate. This act symbolises the groom’s patience and desire to meet his future wife.

Once the groom has passed all of the gates, the bride’s parents present her to him. After this, the ‘Sinsod’ comprising of gifts and money are presented by the groom’s parents. Once the exchange is completed, the bride and groom take part in the ‘Sai Monkhon’ ceremony wherein the couple sit next to each other, and are each given a headpiece joined by a piece of cotton that represents a bond they will share for the rest of their lives. What follows is the water pouring ceremony where guests pour water collected from various religious ceremonies on the newlyweds’ hands to signify well wishes for the future.

After the ceremony, guests are then invited to a reception that involves dinner, drinks and dancing so that newly joint family have an opportunity to get to know each other in a celebratory setting. At Novotel, guests can choose from a selection of carefully curated Thailand wedding package prices to find exactly what they need for each function. Finally, the last part of the ceremony is the ‘Bridal Bed’ where at the wedding hotel Phuket-based chosen by the newlyweds’, they are greeted by a married couple in their honeymoon suite who will place bags of rice upon the bed as symbols of prosperity. With this information, guests looking to get married in traditional Thai fashion in Phuket will know just what to expect.


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About Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra


At Novotel Phuket City Phokeethra we believe in combining professional services with top-tier facilities and unrivalled Thailand wedding package prices to guarantee the celebration of your dreams. The hotel is located at the heart of Phuket Town in the historic Sino-Portuguese quarter decorated with historical sites and cultural monuments. Novotel is also ideal for entertaining your guests because of its location near markets, picturesque beaches and opportunities for sight-seeing. All of these attractions will be a welcome addition to any wedding party, as your guests will have the freedom to visit some of the island’s gems.


The hotel itself is a great choice for a wedding hotel Phuket-based as it boasts 180 modern and stylish guestrooms as well as an abundance of world-class facilities that include an outdoor swimming pool, as well as a fully-fitted gym and luxurious spa. As a testament to Phuket’s reputation as a hub for delicious food, the hotel is also home to diverse drinking and dining venues that can provide an elegant setting for a welcome dinner or reception for a wedding ceremony Phuket-based. Whether you opt for the sophisticated all-day dining Amor Restaurant, the glamorous Estrela Sky Lounge which offers panoramic views or contemporary Lua Lobby Bar, there are plenty of potential Phuket wedding venues that can fit any occasion.

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